Roasting Masterclass

Roasting Masterclass

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Coffee roasting is a passion. It gives you pleasure, and it allows you to unfold your senses and abilities. In our roastery, we don’t believe that it is an art. Rather, it is an artisan process that can be learned through knowledge, dedication, and practice.

This workshop is for both the less experienced roaster as well as the very experienced. We will not be talking about specific preferred roast styles. We can improve some aspects in your roast profile design to be able to make more balanced coffees.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Roast profile designs made in Roast Architect
  • Roast profiles for different expressions and solubility
  • Balancing acidity and sweetness
  • Manipulating whole bean (WB) / ground (GR) roast development to control flavours
  • Flavour/Aroma versus WB / GR colour and colour delta
  • Tasting of Nordic style coffees
  • Open discussion on personal roast profiles, imperfections, etc