Our roastery is known for our light-roasted coffees and consistent quality. The secret behind our reputation is not the way we roast but how we learnt from our roaster mentor, Muttley & Jack's Coffee Roasters in Sweden. He taught us a lot and most importantly he gave us an opportunity to experience roasting. 

The way we roast is not about roasting light, or quickly. A perfect Nordic style Kenyan coffee can be roasted at a certain colour development within 8-9 minutes, while a Colombian coffee can be roasted at a different colour development at 9:30-10 minutes. Which means that this style is not only about the fast and light roasts. It’s about taste and at which point this coffee will be the most developed and complex.

Every day is a learning curve. We believe in a combination of data and taste, and lots of it. That is the only way. Our passion is on roasting and we should progress the way we roast coffee. 

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