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The family-owned, 17 hectare farm is located in the highlands of Colombia, on the western slopes of the Cordillera Mountains in the Antioquia region. 

Eduardo Fernandez-Restrepo is a third generation producer who became a pioneer of specialty coffee production in Concordia in the mid 2010’s. Fernandez-Restrepo’s family owns 3 farms in the area—Zacatin, Illusion and La Costain - all planted with coffee and a few hectares of cacao. Eduardo’s charismatic personality and interest in non-traditional coffee tree varieties connected him with like minded producers, leading to the exchange of knowledge and seeds

Coffee farmer Eduardo Fernandez-Restrepo works closely with various agronomists and the Institute for Coffee Research in Colombia to source exceptional varieties for his farm and to produce his coffees using the most modern processing methods.

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