Guatemala - Yellow Bourbon Washed

     Location: Palencia
     Process Station: El Socorro
     Producer: Diego de la Cerda
    Harvest Date: December 2023 - April 2024
    Received Date: June 2024
    Volume Ordered: 300kg
  Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
  Growing Altitude: 1800+ m.a.s.l
  Processing Method: Washed
 Filter Roast: Very Light 
 Espresso Roast: Light  
 Flavor Notes: Green Apple, Honeydew Melon, Lime, Honey



Flat-Bottom Brewing advice: 

Dose: 12,0g
Water: 200g at 97°C - 99°C
Grind size: 5.5 (1000 - 900 microns)
Brew time: 3:00 - 3:15 minutes
Target TDS: 1,32% - 1,35%  

The pour structure as follows:

a) 00:00 to 00:08 - 30g of water in 8s

saturate the grounds, implement a circular pour. Grab the dripper and swirl (north-south) lightly to ensure the slurry is fully wet. 

b) 00:30 to 00:34 - 50g of water in 4s

implement high turbulence circular pour    

b) 01:00 to 01:10 - 70g of water in 10s

implement low turbulence centre pour    

c) 01:40 to 01:44 -  50g of water in 4s

implement high turbulence circular pour, shake gently. (this will break up any channels that may have formed during the pour, in addition to ensuring a flat bed and minimizing high and dry grounds)

All grind settings reference a Ditting Sweet Lab 807. Please adjust your grind settings as necessary and use the recommended brew time as a reference.


Espresso Brewing advice:

Dose (in): 19,0g
Dose (out): 40,0g - 42,0g
Grind Setting: 1,9 (200 - 300 microns)
Brew Time: 26s
Target TDS: 9,3% - 9,5% 


Milk Espresso Brewing Advice:

Dose (in): 19,0g
Dose (out): 40,0g - 42,0g
Grind Setting: 1,9 (200 - 300 microns)
Brew Time: 26s
Coffee to Milk Ratio: 1:2

Steamed Milk Temp: 65°C - 68°C
Target Milk Intensity: 2,1% - 2,3%