BWT Besttaste X Water Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX

BWT Besttaste X Water Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX

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Great coffee needs great water, and with the BWT Besttaste, you’re just a few steps away from both.

Bundled for your convenience, the BWT Besttaste X Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX has what you need to keep your espresso tasting great. The new Besthead FLEX features an updated mounting bracket for greater compatibility with different types of screws, an integrated flush valve, and the ability to swap out the included fittings for others produced by BWT.

BWT's Besttaste X filter cartridge is designed to optimize water for use in coffee and espresso machines in areas of low carbonate hardness (soft water), the BWT Besttaste filter cartridges eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes from water reliably and effectively. The filter utilizes activated carbon to reduce the level of heavy metals in the water and eliminates particles as small as 5 μm including chlorine, sand, and organic impurities. The activated carbon also features special silvering that helps to eliminate the growth of bacteria.

The BWT Besttaste filter cartridges do not prevent scale buildup within espresso machines or coffee brewers. To ensure the longevity of your machine, we recommend regular descaling as part of your maintenance routine.

BWT Besttaste X Starter Kit includes:

1 x Besttaste X Cartridge
1 x Besthead Flex
1 x Aquameter

Please Note: Regardless of the total water volume run through the cartridge, BWT recommends replacing your filter after a maximum of 12 months of use.