Flat Bed April Brew

Our flat bed April brewer utilize filtered water at approximately 31ppm total hardness, with 99C water temperature, aiming for TDS of 1,45%

12,0g Coffee - 180g Water

  • Put the paper in your flat bed brewer and give it a good rinse with hot water. It removes all paper taste and preheat the equipment
  • Remove the rinsing water
  • Grind your coffee beans to a coarse grind setting. Add the coffee, tare your scale, start your timer
  • Pour 90g water to the coffee in 10s (30g circle pour / 60g centre pour). At 45 secs: pour 60g water in circle pour in 20s. At 1:05 seconds: pour 30g water in centre pour in 20s.
  • Swirl lightly.
  • Total brew time: 2:40 – 2:50 minutes