The Mierisch family has been producing coffee for over 110 years, making them one of the oldest coffee farming families in the country.

For the past 5 generations, they have been innovating and steadily improving the efficiency of their systems, creating momentum that has enabled them to design special farming practices at scale with pin-point lot traceability and produce world renowned, rare coffee varieties with unique and exceptional processing methods.

Fincas Mierisch comprises 9 coffee farms in Nicaragua, and 3 coffee farms in Honduras. Each farm has a unique micro-climate and soil composition, which makes their management, and coffee quality, truly distinct from one another.

Named after the Limoncillo (a small type of lemon) that was already growing on the farm when it was purchased. It was purchased in 1930 after one of grandfathers of Mierisch family made the transition from attending a military academy to civilian life. Limoncillo is the 2nd oldest coffee farm in the Fincas Mierisch group (Los Placeres is 1st). Typica was the sole varietal grown on the farm up until the mid-1990’s, but due to climate change, unstable market pricing, and vulnerability to coffee leaf rust we decided to diversify our varietals and also focus extensively on quality over quantity.

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