Our Roast Style

Here at 20grams Coffee Roastery, we do what's often called "Nordic style coffee" so we figured we should explain what that is and why we do it.

The ideal behind this style of roasting is to showcase the potential of the bean, taking into consideration the origin, the variety, the process, and terroir. The result is an enormous differentiation of taste attributes between origins, lots, and varieties, instead of delivering a coffee that tastes just coffee.

We like to think about roasting or development as trying to be as transparent as possible. We try to roast in a way that is as clear a representation of the coffee and terroir as we possibly can. We have a responsibility to keep that going strong in terms of consistency, skill of roasted coffee, and interesting coffee origins. Therefore, in our roastery it all comes down to: hard work and passion, cupping constantly, and always being students of coffee.



Our decision to switch from a conventional drum roaster (Giesen) to a Loring roaster (S7 Night Hawk), we can reduce their gas consumption by up to 80% and a substantial saving of carbon emissions.

The great thing we find with Loring roasters is that you can scale a roast profile design on a small batch right up to a big batch. So, as we continue to grow the business, we don’t have to change everything to accommodate higher volume.

Overall, using a Loring Smart Roaster can provide us with a number of benefits, including energy efficiency, precise temperature control, reduced emissions, and increased efficiency.