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La Pacaya is a farm known for its consistent quality and exceptional stability, placing highly over consecutive years in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence competitions.

The Villavicencio family is a fifth-generation farmer, having held the reigns at the farm for last 10 years, during which the number of varietals on offer have increased and the production methods have become more consistent and unique.

La Pacaya, located 1,700 – 2,000 metres above sea level, produce fantastically clean natural processed coffees. Their process for selecting the best beans starts by identifying the internal sucrose levels, and are handpicked for their ripeness. The beans are further filtered through sieves for size uniformity, floated in water to revalidate sucrose levels and dried before being anaerobically fermented for 48 hours in barrels manufactured and designed by them. The beans are later dried inside a greenhouse for a controlled and stable temperature of 30°C ± 5°C. The temperature is checked every 30min with an infrared thermometer and shaded if the mass temperature exceeds their parameters. The beans are dried until they reach 10.5% humidity and packed in Grainpro bags for storage.

This is the second year that we are working with coffee from La Pacaya and we are very excited to welcome the team into the 20grams Coffee Roastery family.

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