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Our first introduction from this year 2021 Panamanian harvest is an exceptionally high-quality coffee and one that we're very excited to work with.

Finca Momoto’s farm is named after a beautiful and enigmatic bird commonly known as Momoto in Panama. Its name in English is Motmot, and the blue crown motmot is the species that lives in farm area.

Finca Momoto is an eight-hectare specialty coffee farm located in the town of Santa Clara, district of Renacimiento, Province of Chiriquí, Panama. Finca Momoto is blessed by the uniqueness of its terroir. The area’s micro climate provides high levels of precipitation yearly (approximately 3000 mm). It is located at 1500 meter above sea level in a mountain range that receives cool air from the Trade Winds coming from the Caribbean Ocean while receiving an optimum amount of solar rays due to a large valley facing the Pacific Ocean south of our area.

Finca Momoto is dedicated to produce excellent specialty coffee while following a strict set of personal values and innovative ideas of both its co-founders Luis and Aliss.  These include, being friendly with nature, having social responsibilities, implementing sustainable farming, building long term relationships with customers, having transparency with our customers, incorporating technology and innovative ways to grow and process coffee, the rational use of agrochemicals in the farm combining them with organic and biological products and a focus on producing and exporting high-quality coffee.

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