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This is the first year that we're able to work with this phenomenal selection from Fincas Los Rodriguez. Their coffees are spectacular – they are always incredibly sweet and clean. There are many excellent characteristics of their coffees, however it is most commonly regarded for its lovely notes of berries and butterscotch expression whilst still retaining a distinctive acidity.

Fincas Los Rodriguez comprises 12 farms owned by the Agricafe family business in two different regions of the country: Caranavi (La Paz city) and Samaipata ( Santa Cruz city) and decided to plant their own farms in order to guarantee coffee production. Caranavi, located at the door to the Amazonian region in La Paz has ideal climatic conditions to grow coffee. The region of Samaipata on the other hand, is typically known for its wine production but the Rodriguez family decided to develop coffee cultivation there, generating new options of economic development in the region, as well as job opportunities and of course, different coffee profiles than the ones known from Los Yungas region.


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