Los Campos - Catuai Natural Thermic Aerobic (100g)

Los Campos - Catuai Natural Thermic Aerobic (100g)

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The Catuai is a genetic cross between two natural Arabica mutations of yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo. The plant is highly productive compared to Bourbon, in part because of its small size, which allows plants to be closely spaced; it can be planted at nearly double the density. The plant’s shape allows for easier access to its cherries during harvesting. It is mainly characterized by great vigor and its low height; it is less compact than Caturra.


This process enhances the natural sweetness and fruit flavors of the coffee. The process starts by selecting the cherries when they are at their ripest allowing them to have a high sugar content and thus feeding the microbes, consistently ferment at a temperature of 40C-45C. The exposure to the heat starts to breakdown the natural sugars of the coffee cherries, partially caramelizing them. This inventive process gives the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor as well as a round and balanced cup.


Producer: Ramirez-Navarro family

Location: Los Santos

Varietal: Catuai

Processed: Natural Thermic Aerobic

Moisture: 10.5%

Density: 0.670g/ml (SINAR)

Water Activity: 0.56aW

Growing Altitude: 1750+ masl

Plantation size: 12.0 hectares

Harvest: October 2022 - February 2023

Cup Notes: taste like notes black plum, red wine, red grapes, sugar cane, honey and cacao aftertaste, fruity acidity, dense body, excellent balance, clean cup, complex.