El Limoncillo - Ethiosar Natural Anaerobic Low Temperature (100g)

El Limoncillo - Ethiosar Natural Anaerobic Low Temperature (100g)

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Ethiosar is a hybrid’s hybrid. It’s a cross between a Sudan Rume with a Sarchimore (which is itself a cross between a Timor and Villa Sarchi), this offspring is then re-crossed with a Villa Sarchi (a dwarf mutation of Bourbon from Costa Rica) again. It’s complex genetic diversity gives this variety resistance to coffee leaf rust (a type of fungus that has been decimating Central America for close to 10 years now), high production yields compared to a Caturra, and a vibrant cup profile.

The Mierisch family see tremendous potential with this varietal in terms of cup quality, and the fact that it’s a “work horse” of a variety has led them to plant it on most of our farms. It adapts very well to most of our micro-climates. They have been working with this variety for over 10 years. More recently, it was the only variety to obtain a 90+ score in their private auction, Los Favoritos, in collaboration with Alliance for Coffee Excellence and Cup of Excellence.


Producer: The Mierisch family 

Location: Matagalpa

Varietal: Ethiosar

Processed: Natural Anaerobic (Low Temperature)

Moisture: 11.8%

Density: 0.708g/ml (SINAR)

Water Activity: 0.53aW

Growing Altitude: 850+ masl

Plantation size: 171.0 hectares

Harvest: October 2022 - February 2023

Cup Notes: taste like notes of tropical fruits, orange blossom in aroma and cup. Deep-toned savory sweet. Tartly rich acidity, smooth mouthfeel, balanced though simple finish.