El Cerro - Pacas Natural (100g)

El Cerro - Pacas Natural (100g)

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Pacas coffee is a variety of Coffea arabica that is native to Central America. First discovered in 1949 on a coffee farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon coffee. The cup profile of the Pacas coffee is determined by its terroir, processing method, and roast level – and, in this case, its genetic predecessor. Sharing similar tasting notes to their Bourbon parents and other Bourbon offspring like Catuai, Pacas coffees are well-balanced with a rich body. Most of El Salvador’s coffee is shade-grown, so you can expect a sweet, complex cup


Producer: Fernando Leto Escobar

Location: Apaneca Llamatepec

Varietal: Pacas

Processed: Natural

Moisture: 10.9%

Density: 0.668g/ml (SINAR)

Water Activity: 0.53aW

Growing Altitude: 1400+ masl

Plantation size: 12.0 hectares

Harvest: October 2022 - February 2023

Cup Notes: taste like notes with citric acidity of tropical fruits and blackberry, caramel, honey. Balanced body.