Colombia -El Diviso Natural Anaerobic

     Location: Huila
     Process Station: El Diviso
     Producer: Nector Lasso
    Harvest Date: March 2023-June 2023
    Received Date: August 2023
    Volume Ordered: 90kg
  Varietal: Sidra 
  Growing Altitude: 1750+ m.a.s.l
  Processing Method: Natural Anaerobic
 Filter Roast: Extremely Light 
 Espresso Roast: Light  
 Flavor Notes: Strawberry Mango, Lychee



April Brewing advice: 

We brew the filter coffee in the coffee bar with the April brewer. Use a 1:15,00 brew ratio, aiming for a TDS of 1,25% or slightly higher for a clean and transparent taste. 

When brewing this coffee, we recommend a dose of 12,0g of coffee, a 180g of brewing water. We recommend a grind size of 8,0 (1000 - 900 microns).

The pour structure as follows:

- 00:00 begin your brew with an initial 90g pour. Use the first 45g of the pour to saturate the coffee bed evenly whilst implementing a circular pour technique. Continue the next 45g of the pour in the centre of the coffee bed. 

- 00:45 pour 60g of water in a slow concentric circles till 01:05  

- 01:05 pour 30g of water in 20s in concentric circle, shake gently. (this will break up any channels that may have formed during the pour, in addition to ensuring a flat bed and minimizing high and dry grounds)

Total brew time: 2:00 – 2:15 minutes